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luxury car specialist perth

When no
ordinary mechanic will do

You’ve chosen a European car for a reason.
The luxury. The advanced technology. The high performance personality. These are all extensions of what you want out of life. It’s why you want to keep your car in optimal condition. It’s also why you look for a mechanic who shares your passion for your car.

Insight meets instinct

A great relationship begins with an immediate rapport. Having an instant click with your mechanic doesn’t just add to your customer experience, it gives you the insight that they’re as committed to your car as you are. When you’re on the same page, you know you’re on the right path.

High end doesn’t
have to mean high prices

A fancy European emblem on your bonnet shouldn’t have to equal exorbitant mechanic fees. If reasonable rates are charged in Europe, why should Australia be any different? Triggs Garage delivers specialist high end, efficient work with realistic timeframes and the level of detail your car deserves, all without charging an arm and a leg.


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